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Duct Cleaning Services in Fort Lauderdale

Ducts are a vital component of you air conditioner because they carry the cool air from your AC unit to your home or office. This means that the ducts must be clean at all times so the AC works well.

What happens when the ducts in your home or office AC are covered with dirt and other particles? Well the effect this has on your air conditioning unit will be devastating, not to mention that the duct will no longer pipe cool air in to your home or office.

When your ducts are covered with particles and dirt, your AC unit works much harder to push cooled and clean air through your ducts and then into your home or office. Of course you don’t need us to tell you that this can wear your unit down in no time. Also, a blocked duct can make your AC start consuming very large amounts of energy which in turn, will make your energy bills skyrocket.

Every Duct Cleaning Service client will receive a free Dryer Vent Cleaning! An $89 value!

So, to prevent these scenarios from occurring, you need the services of Air Conditioning Fort Lauderdale- who excel at duct cleaning. Although there are lots of individuals and even companies out there who will render duct cleaning services, very few actually provide quality vent cleaning service.

Our company is the best when it comes to vent and duct cleaning services, because we have been providing this service since 1973. Also, we have the best technicians in the South Florida industry- a team of professionals who know what to do in any situation.

Don’t let your dirty AC ducts destroy that AC unit you bought not too long ago. It is better to spend a few dollars to clean your AC ducts than to spend thousands of dollars to replace a damaged AC. Like we mentioned earlier, a blocked duct can seriously harm your AC if not cleaned regularly.

This is why Air Conditioning Fort Lauderdale is here! To professionally clean your AC ducts and breathe comfort in to your home.

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