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Choosing an Ultraviolet Light for your AC System

Air Conditioning Ft. Lauderdale wants you and your family to breathe the cleanest air available to you. This is an important rule with us at Air Conditioning Tamarac.  Many of you wouldn’t have thought about outfitting your AC unit with an ultraviolet light until recently. How come? For starters, they don’t come equipped with many ACs for reasons unknown. In reality, ultra violet lights have a lot to do with your AC as it makes a direct impact on your home’s environment. Here are a few undeniable reasons as to why your AC unit needs to have an ultraviolet light:

How Does Ultraviolet light work?

For several decades now, ultraviolet lights are known for their ability to kill germs and bacteria. For this reason, you see many water filters equipped with UV lamps and claim to provide the cleanest water in the world. On a serious note, ultraviolet light has shown its ability to keep the surrounding environment free form bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, spores and even mildew on more than one occasion. That’s why, UV lights have become a must have equipment for many industries, hospitals and clinics and even residential units.

Types of UV Lights

Your AC can be outfitted with two types of UV lights, these are:

  • Standard complete UV unit – it works as a complete unit and is installed inside the duct.
  • Coil Sterilization – this type is also installed inside the duct and is equally effective in cleaning the air by sterilizing the air coil.

Installing an ultraviolet light in your AC

To get an ultraviolet light or coil sterilizer fitted into your AC, you need to hire a proper, reputable AC repair and maintenance service. Keep in mind that this is not your everyday type Do It Yourself (DIY) type job. A little fumble during installing the light will leave it redundant, even damaged. Even worse is the damage your AC might receive during installation process. It may cost you a lot of $ to get it repaired, and then have your UV light installed. To save yourself from this mess, just give ac repair service a call and let them do it for you. Secondly, a high quality repair and maintenance service knows where the UV light goes.

The light is installed inside your AC’s duct, which is where the breeze comes from. This is why installing a UV light in your AC becomes all the more important. It keeps the airflow in check and cleans it properly before letting it enter your AC. This helps in keeping your environment clean and free from germs, pollen, bacteria, fungi and other harmful particles.

With an ultraviolet light fitted in your AC unit’s duct, you’ve chosen a very efficient cleaning solution. To date, there are no known health hazards that this equipment could cause. As such, fitting one in your AC is the best way to clean your home’s environment.

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