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Air Conditioning Ductwork


Air Conditioning Fort Lauderdale knows that sometimes duct systems leak. Spills in the air conditioning ductwork system are one of the main three energy wasters in many homes.  This cost many homeowners hundreds dollars yearly. Here at Air Conditioning Fort Lauderdale we want to save you a little cash by helping you with your air conditioning ductwork.  Air Conditioning Fort Lauderdale have performed many duct repairs to help our  Fort Lauderdale customers cool their home more efficiently and some of money in the process.

The U.S. Division of Energy did a study a couple of years prior and found that duct systems spill around 40% of the air they’re moving. In significantly a larger number of homes than you may suspect, the principal offender is a detached air conditioning ductwork system, however, a common duct system has numerous different holes, as well.

Where do the ducts spill?

Furthermore, to the amount of air is spilling from the ducts, you have to know where the breaks are. Spillage inside the building fenced in area isn’t so awful on the grounds that it’s still in the conditioned space. Regardless, you don’t need spillage on the grounds that it reasons solace issues and conceivable additional energy use. Spillage outside the living space or upper room, slither space, storm cellar, or carport—is the thing that you truly pay for… and once in a while, you pay twice.

Whether the ducts spill inside or outside the building walled in the area is one and only spillage area that matters. Your home is additionally influenced by the amount of spillage happens to the arrival side and the supply side of the duct system. In the chart underneath denoted A, the majority of the spillages is on the arrival side of the duct system, the side that pulls air back to the air conditioner. Moreover, the duct spillage could be all on the supply side, the ducts that send conditioned air once more into the house. Diagram B demonstrates that situation.

Is it accurate to say that you are uneven?

How about we put a few numbers on it and investigate. To start with, how about we accept we have a 2.5-ton air conditioner and it’s moving 1000 cubic feet for each moment (cfm) of air. On the supply side, the ducts are putting 1000 cfm of air over into the house, in light of the fact that there’s no spillage. On the arrival side, we have 100 cfm of spillage. That implies, for this situation, the arrival air ducts are pulling in 100 cfm of air from the unconditioned upper room. This unconditioned air is more costly to cool when contrasted with air that ought to be originating from the living space. This will drive up your power bill.

The two situations portrayed above have either all arrival duct spillage or all supply duct spillage, however, all that truly matters is that you have unequal duct spillage. You undoubtedly will have air spillage on every system.

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